Sunday, April 10, 2016

Day 1 & 2 (April 9th & 10th)

We really feel that we have been blessed with a very very special baby.

Ben has slept, fed, and pooped really well :).  Seems like a weird thing to say, but we had no idea how this was going to work since we were told that he enjoyed party-ing all night, and slept during the day.  So far it seems to be the opposite.

It was wonderful to have Sheldon's brother Blaine here as well.  We had to say our goodbyes today, as we rode with him on the train to the airport.  Thanks for making the little detour to spend some time with us Blaine.  We all loved having you here!  Eli loved riding on the train today.



Yesterday (Saturday), Eli, Blaine and Sheldon went to a Florida Panthers game.  We had a great time, and it gave Hilary some alone time with Ben.  The Panther's game was fun, and we had a blast, eating popcorn, chatting, and ultimately watching a Florida Panther's win.

We also went to a swap shop.  Hilary and I thought it looked very similar to something that we would have seen in Ethiopia.  Obviously not as many people, but still a crazy crazy market to be a part of.  Just about everything you've ever needed is in that market.  Usually not very good quality, but it still has it's benefit.

Today Ben had his moments of frustration with us, but as we type this at 8:30 pm, he is peacefully sleeping in his bed.  We are learning what positions he likes, and what things just make him mad.  Funny how such a little guy, can command so much of us :)

We are still waiting for one piece of paperwork to get home, and we hope to see this by Monday or Tuesday.  We have booked our flights back to Minneapolis for Tuesday night (arriving early early Wednesday morning), and then we are hoping to be able to get into Winnipeg on Wednesday evening.  Please pray for quick document processing, and safe travels all the way home.

And a little teaser for seeing this brotherly love for realz!

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  1. So good to see and hear this, you guys! It has been such a testimony to your faith to watch you persevere through all this. And what a beautiful addition to your little family! Congratulations!!